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004 - With Reverence Let the Saints Appear

MIDI MP3 Partition

With reverence let the saints appear,
And bow before the Lord;
His high commands with reverence hear,
And tremble at His word;
And tremble at His word.

How terrible Thy glories be!
How bright Thine armies shine!
Where is the power that vies with Thee,
Or truth compared with Thine?
Or truth compared with Thine?

Sing, all ye ransomed of the Lord,
Your great Deliverer sing;
Ye pilgrims now for Zion bound,
Be joyful in your King;
Be joyful in your King.

O Jesus, Lord of earth and heaven,
Our life and joy, to Thee
Be honor, thanks, and blessing given
Through all eternity;
Through all eternity.