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096 - Glorious Are the Lofty Mountains

MIDI MP3 Partition

Glorious are the lofty mountains
In the early morning's gleam,
When the soft glow of the sunshine
Lights them with its golden beam.

How those vapors, gently floating,
Kiss the great snowcrested peaks!
In the splendor of the mountains
Our Creator surely speaks.

Oft of old the psalmist David,
Playing harp of solemn sound,
Sung his songs of God's protection
When he viewed the hills around.

Sunset rays o'er Judah's mountains
Touched the clouds with heavenly light
Till they seemed like hosts of angels
Sent to guard him through the night.

Wondrous everlasting mountains!
Symbols of Jehovah's might!
There earth reaches up to heaven,
There heaven first gives earth its light.