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114 - The Hidden Years at Nazareth

MIDI MP3 Partition

The hidden years at Nazareth !
How Beautiful they seem,
Like fountains flowing in the dark
Or waters in a dream !
Like waters under Syrian stars
Reflecting lights above,
Repeating in their silent depths
The wonder of God's love.

The hidden years at Nazareth !
How marvelous they lie,
As open to the smile of God
As to the Syrians sky !
As open to the heart of man
As to the genial sun,
With dreams of high asventuring,
And deeds of kindness done.

The hidden years at Nazareth !
How radiant they rise
With life and death in balance laid
Before a lad's clear eyes !
O soul of youth, forever choose,
Forgetting fate or fear,
To live for truth, or die with God,
Who stands beside thee here.