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132 - Our Lord Is Risen

MIDI MP3 Partition

Our Lord is risen from the dead;
Our Jesus is gone up on high!
A captive host He joyful led,
To the bright portals of the sky.

There His triumphal chariot waits,
And angels chant the solemn lay:
"Lift up your heads, ye heavenly gates;
Ye everlasting doors, give way."

Loose all your bars of golden light,
And wide unfold the beauteous scene;
He claims these mansions as His right,
Receive the King of glory in.

Who is this King of glory? Who?
The Lord, that all our foes o'ercame;
The world, sin, death, and hell o'erthrew;
And Jesus is the conqueror’s name.

Who is this King of Glory, Who?
The Lord, of glorious power possessed;
The King of saints and angels, too;
God over all, forever blest.