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186 - Long For My Saviour I’ve Been Waiting

MIDI MP3 Partition

Long for my Saviour I've been waiting,
Long time have watched by night and day;
Feared, lest my faith and hope abating,
I should lose courage by the way.

Jesus soon is coming;
This is my song—
Cheers the heart when joys depart,
And foes are pressing strong.

Here in this vale of sin and sorrow
I have been wandering many years,
Still looking for that happy morrow
When God would wipe away my tears.

Oftimes the tempter comes in power,
Fain then would lead my steps astray;
But when the clouds begin to lower,
Hope turns the darkness into day.

O it will be but little longer
I must these many woes endure;
Then let my faith and hope grow stronger;
My Father's promise still is sure.