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191 - Hes Coming Once Again

MIDI MP3 Partition

He's coming once again,
To set His people free;
That where He is, in glory bright,
His saints may also be.
Then lift the drooping head,
Look up, rejoice and sing;
He comes, in majesty sublime,
Salvation's glorious King!

The earth shall quake with fear,
The heavens shall flee away;
And where shall guilty man appear
In that tremendous day?
No refuge then is nigh,
No shelter from the blast;
The night of vengeance veils the sky
When mercy's day is past.

His eyes of living flame
The wicked shall devour;
No tongue will lightly speak the name
Of Jesus in that hour.
No scorn, no words of hate
For His meek followers then;
But prayers and tears that come too late
Will mark earth's mighty men.