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239- Low at Thy Pierced Feet

MIDI MP3 Partition

Low at thy pierced feet,
Saviour of all,
Helpless and sorrowful
Prostrate I fall.
O cast me not away,
Forgive my sin this day,
Forgive my sin,
All, all my sin.

Sinful my life hath been,
Unclean, unclean;
All my iniquity
Thine eye hath seen;
Cleanse thou my soul today,
Wash all my sin away
In thine own blood,
In thine own blood.

By all thy grief and pain,
Forgive me now;
Before thy cross in shame
Lowly I bow.
Lord, let that blood of thine
Wash now this soul of mine;
Wash now this soul,
Wash now this soul.

Thou didst for me endure
Dread Calvary;
Sin's punishment and shame
All, all for me.
On thee my guilt was laid,
By thee my dept was paid,
To set me free,
To set me free.

Lord, I accept thee now,
Accept thou me;
I have delayed too long,
And grieved thee.
By all thy love to me,
I give myself to thee;
Make me thine own,
All, all thine own.