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264- To Thee, O Dear Saviour

MIDI MP3 Partition

To thee, O dear, dear Saviour,
My spirit turns for rest;
My peace is in thy favor,
My pillow on thy breast;
Though all the world deceive me,
I know that I am thine,
And thou wilt never leave me,
O blessed Saviour mine.

In thee my trust abideth,
On thee my hope relies,
O thou whose love provideth
For all beneath the skies;
O thou whose mercy found me,
From bondage set me free,
And then forever bound me
With threefold cords to thee.

Alas, that I should ever
Have failed in love to thee,
The only One who never
Forgat or slighted me!
O for a heart to love thee
More truly as I ought,
And nothing place above thee
In deed, or word, or thought.

O for that choicest blessing
Of living in thy love,
And thus on earth possessing
The peace of heaven above!
O for the bliss that by it
The soul securely knows
The holy calm and quiet
Of faith's serene repose!