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292- O How Happy Are They

MIDI MP3 Partition

O how happy are they
Who their Saviour obey,
And have laid up their treasure above!
Tongue can never express
The sweet comfort and peace
Of a soul in its earliest love.

That sweet comfort is mine,
Since the favor divine
I received through the blood of the Lamb;
Since my heart first believed.
What a joy I've received,
What a heaven in Jesus' dear name!

'Tis a heaven below
My Redeemer to know;
And the angels can do nothing more
Than to fall at His feet,
And the story repeat,
And the Lover of sinners adore.

Jesus all the day long
Is my joy and my song;
O that all to this refuge might fly!
He hath loved me, indeed,
He did suffer and bleed,
To redeem such a rebel as I.

On the wings of His love,
I am carried above
All my sin, and temptation, and pain;
O, that all would believe,
And by sin never grieve,
And thus cause Him to suffer again.