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337- "Stand Still and See"

MIDI MP3 Partition

"Stand still and see!" yea, see, today,
New wonders of redeeming grace—
The mighty Potter molds the clay
Again within this hallowed place,
Till through the human, the Divine
Is seen once more to move and shine.

Here "commune with thine heart, be still!"
Search all the secret stores of years,
Till silence, now unbearable—
Self, self-betrayed with blinding tears;
Then fall at Jesus' feet, and say,
Thou can'st, Thou shalt, cleanse all today!

"Be still, and know that I am God!"
Peace, wounded conscience, heaving breast!
Christ's pierced hand bears alone the rod,
His cloud transfigures and brings rest.
Take, Lord, Thy power, reign, great I AM,
O'er shadowing Guest, all-conquering Lamb!

Then in the hush of this fair tent,
And solemn stillness of this hour,
Three thousand souls before Thee bent.
Break forth, O Holy Ghost, in power;
Sweep through, Thou Wind of God, sweep through;
Once more cleanse, consecrate, renew!