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353- Forward, Christian, Forward!

MIDI MP3 Partition

Forward, Christian, forward! spread abroad the cry;
Shout aloud the watchword, "Jesus draweth nigh!"
Wave the gospel standard, banner of His love;
Sing, as marching onward to your home above.

Forward, Christian, forward! Christ thy life, thy song;
Trust in "Jesus only," in His strength be strong;
Christ, the glorious leader of the blood-bought band;
Follow, closely follow, to the heavenly land.

Sound your hallelujahs, praise to Jesus bring;
Magnify His glories, of His coming sing;
Sing amidst the conflict, shout the battle cry:
"Jesus Christ is coming; on to victory!"

Haste, thou glorious morning! Welcome, shadeless day!
Chasing with thy sunlight all our tears away;
Haste, O wondrous moment, when 'midst radiant skies
Sleeping saints and living at His Word arise.