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412- O Happy Home

MIDI MP3 Partition

O happy home, where Thou art loved the dearest,
Thou loving Friend, and Saviour of our race,
And where among the guests there never cometh
One who can hold such a high and honored place!

O happy home, where each one serves Thee, lowly,
Whatever his appointed work may be,
Till every common task seems great and holy,
When it is done, 0 Lord, as unto Thee!

O happy home, where Thou art not forgotten
When joy is overflowing, full, and free;
O happy home, where every wounded spirit
Is brought, Physician, Comforter, to Thee.

Until at last, when earth's day's work is ended
All meet Thee in the blessed home above,
From whence Thou earnest, where Thou hast ascended,
Thy everlasting home of peace and love!