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453- They Come From the East and West

MIDI MP3 Partition

They come from the east and west,
They come from the north and south,
Invited to join with Jesus as guests,
And dwell in their Father's house;
To gaze at His lovely face,
And clothed with His purity,
Join with Him in song and joy
Throughout eternity.

They come from the thorny path,
They come from the stormy sea,
They come from the hills,
They come from the dales,
They come now, 0 Lord, to Thee,
Arrayed in His marriage robes,
Their Bridegroom so soon to see,
He who hung upon the cross
To win their victory.

Here gathers a countless host
Redeemed by His grace from wrong.
No more any sin, no more any tears,
No more any night so long.
Old things are now passed away.
All things are become as new.
Joy shall reign eternally,
For death is ended, too.

Remember the pearly gate
Stands open for you and me.
Our Saviour has gone a place to prepare
For those He from sin set free.
Loved ones who have passed away
Are resting within the grave,
Awaiting God's last trumpet call,
For those He came to save.