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478- Master, No Offering

MIDI MP3 Partition

Master, no offering
Costly or sweet,
Lay we, like Magdalene,
Here at Thy feet;
Yet may love's incense rise,
Sweeter than sacrifice,
Dear Lord, to Thee.

Daily our lives would show
Weakness made strong,
Toilsome and gloomy ways
Brightened with song;
Some deeds of kindness done,
Some souls by patience won,
Dear Lord, to Thee.

Some word of hope, for hearts
Burdened with fears,
Some balm of peace, for eyes
Blinded with tears,
Some dews of mercy shed,
Some wayward footsteps led,
Dear Lord, to Thee.

Thus, in Thy service, Lord,
'Till even tide
Closes the day of life,
May we abide,
Anti when earth's labors cease,
Bid us depart in peace,
Dear Lord, to Thee.