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493- Sweet Be Thy Rest

MIDI MP3 Partition

Sweet be thy rest,
And peaceful thy sleeping;
God's way is best,
Thou art in His keeping.
O blessed sleep
Where ills ne'er molest thee!
Why should we weep?
For Heaven hath blessed thee,
Sweet be thy rest.

Thy work is done,
Thy sowing and reaping;
Thy crown is won,
And hushed is thy weeping.
From tears and woes,
From earth's midnight dreary,
Thine is repose
Where none ever weary.
Sweet be thy rest.

Sweet be thy rest;
No more we may greet thee
'Till with the blest
In heaven we meet thee.
O union sweet
That death cannot sever!
There we shall meet,
Where sad tears fall never.
Sweet be thy rest.