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532- I Have a Friend So Precious

MIDI MP3 Partition

I have a Friend so precious,
So very dear to me,
He loves me with a tender love,
He loves me faithfully;
I could not live apart from Him,
I love to feel Him nigh;
And so we dwell together,
My Lord and I.

Sometimes Iím faint and weary,
He knows that I am weak;
And as He bids me lean on Him,
His help Iíll gladly seek;
He leads me in the path of light,
Beneath a sunny sky;
And so we walk together,
My Lord and I.

I tell Him all my sorrows,
I tell Him all my joys,
I tell Him all that pleases me,
I tell Him what annoys;
He tells me what I ought to do,
Hs tells me how to try;
And so we talk together,
My Lord and I.

He knows how I am longing
Some weary soul to win,
And so He bids me go and speak
The loving word for Him;
He bids me tell His wondrous love,
And why He came to die;
And so we work together,
My Lord and I.